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Problem with Bresser Binos

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I was given a pair of bresser 10x50 binos by a friend who bought them on impulse from Lidl, as I wanted a pair to take to my daughters in Ireland. I tried them out tonight as there is no cloud :) but unfortunately I am getting two images of the same object no matter how I adjust or focus them. Are they a lost cause or can anybody advise what to do ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Maurice, it sounds like they got knocked out of collimation.:) I had a pair of 7x35's a long time ago, and they did exactly what you're describing after they were accidentally dropped.

Try pushing the eyepieces and barrels 'this way and that' as you're looking through the binoculars, and see if you can possibly merge the two images into one. It's a temporary fix at best, but at least you'd be able to use them.

Other than that, you might try doing a Google search on 'binocular collimation' (or something similar)... maybe there are directions how to do it the right way.

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Hi Maurice,

Talitha gave you good information. It may give you a temporary fix. Some binoculars are sensitive to the IPD,the distance between your pupils.

There are destructions out there on the internet to collimate binoculars. It's not too difficult. I suggest you give it a go. Don't give up on these,they're not the worst binoculars out there.

Good Luck.


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Hi Maurice

I'm having exactly this problem with my Lidl Bressers - they are so bad that I'm going to have a go at fixing them and if I mess up then they cannot possibly be any worse! (And, yes, someone has suggested that he might, possibly, maybe, could have, accidentally, knocked them over recently....:))

I found a few links to collimating - they might be of help:




If they are a write-off, I'll have to start searching SGL for bino reviews.

Good luck.

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Yes, as above just pull back the rubber on top of the prism houses(you may have to glue it back down again if you pull too far!).

There are two small flat head screws.

Either put the bins on a tripod or on a flat windowsill/wall and focus on a flat roof top as far away as possible.

Then slowly twiddle the screws while looking at the image from a about 3 inches back. Do it until the images are in line and identical.

Then check and refine as necessary.

Just keep checking that the exit pupil doesn't go a funny shape, if so start again so it is a circle.

There are some screws on the bottom of the prisms as well but they are too stiff too turn on mine.

The problem is that mine seem to have wandered again so it's only a temporary fix.

I'm seriously considering chopping up and turning mine into a finder scope for my daughters refractor!

Hope this helps!

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Mine were exactly the same. One of the barrels (the tapered tube holding the larger lens) wasn't pushed home (or square) in the housing. I pushed it in then rotated it whilst looking through them until the two images merged. They now work fine.

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Many thanks for all your advice. As suggested I tried twisting the front lenses a little at a time and eventually the double vision changed to a clear single image :) Conveniently a plane was passing very high in the sky and I was pleased to see even at that distance the image was clear and no double vision was apparent.

Once again there seems to be no limit to the knowledge and experience on the SGL site.

Thanks again.


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Hey! Part timer did you know it's a violation of the law to chop up binoculars :D

What a terrible thing to say on the binocular forum :)



Oh dear! I've been chopping up cheap binoculars for years to make finder scopes and other stuff.

Looks like I'm in trouble!:)

But it is a good way of getting a cheap and good quality finder!

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