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ZWO EAF on Skywatcher ED 80 Pro

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I have been imaging for a year now with my trusty Skywatcher ED 80 pro and have been very pleased with the results. I have been focusing by hand using a Bhatinov Mask but would like to move to EAF. The focuser on the scope is not great, it sometimes slips but I have managed to get enough tension into it to keep my camera gear in place so my question is this ….. will the EAF work ok on the original focuser or would it be better to upgrade the focuser as well as fitting me EAF. Any comments / suggestions would be appreciated.

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there is this video for installing Skywatcher's focus motor on the Evostar.

If you are looking at ZWO's focussed, FLO sell a bracket for the Esprit ED80, not sure if fits the Evostar.

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2 hours ago, Tom33 said:

would it be better to upgrade the focuser as well as fitting me EAF.

I use an EAF on all three of my OTAs (RedCat, 6"RC and Samyang 135mm) - they are perfect for my needs allowing fine focus control and repeatability.

I used to own an ED80 and used it with a SW dc motor focus unit, initially with the stock focuser. The problem was the drawer tube kept slipping so I could not go back to a focus position with any degree of repeatability. In the end I swapped the stock focus unit for a Baader Diamond SteelTrack (BDS) and never looked back. There are times I wish I'd never sold the ED80 - with hindsight it was a great scope.

Good luck.

P.S. The EAF comes with an 'L' shaped bracket and a variety of couplers and will definitely fit on a BDS but it does leave the EAF sticking way out at the side of the OTA which made it really difficult to balance when used on my CEM25 mount.



I have the BDS+EAF on my 6" RC but chose not to use the direct shaft coupler - I prefer a piggy-back belt drive arrangement.


The BDS focus unit has a HTD compatible belt pulley built in! Very handy :)


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It depends on what you want to do focus wise.

There are 2 main types, a DC motor and Stepper motor:

  • The dc motor is generally used with a hand control to ease manual focusing.
  • A stepper based system, such as the ZWO EAF/Pegasus/DeepskyDad units can be used for the same purpose but are also used to do proper auto focusing (Software controlled) for astro-photography.

I have seen the DC being touted for auto focusing but not very often supported for that purpose in astro software.

Either a DC or stepper system needs the focuser to work properly and won't solve slipping on the older SW focusers. A stepper will help if the focuser is a rack & pinion, but you may need a hand controller or version with a clutch to use the focuser manually.

Personally I would update the focuser for a rack & pinion first.

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2 hours ago, StevieDvd said:

Personally I would update the focuser for a rack & pinion first

I am also an advocate of the Baader Steeltrack even though it is not a R&P focuser. I have camera and filter wheel hanging off mine but it does not slip. R&P is certainly a good choice but can still have backlash. The ST's do not suffer from this.

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