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Novice Challenge

Sol in H⍺ - 18th May 2022


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Wednesday offered difficult conditions for viewing our Sun. 

I started early with the Sun low down and a light haze as the forecast was for clouds to appear later in the morning which they did.

On the previous day the forecast was the same but the clouds cleared in the afternoon so I left the gear out in case the weather cleared. Wednesday’s weather followed the same pattern as Tuesday and the clouds broke but the haze was a lot thicker and seeing was awful. The limb looked the surface of a swimming pool after the someone had dove in.

With all that, I did manage to tweak out one chromosphere image, the rest were too poor to process, and a few proms.


All the action was on the eastern side of the disc and here we have ARss 13017, 13014, 13015 and 13011 at the top (L-R). below we have ARs 13016, 13018 and 13010. A splash of colour is also been thrown in.





Some nice prominences on the south east limb and estimation of their height.

Prom_SE_Limb_20220518_123337Z_x3_JWH.png.af78f4999a8ca0a6316bcaff82adef13.png          Prom_SE_Limb_20220518_123337Z_x3_Scale_JWH.png.835f3ae287f55a0553d8a3ae89b00550.png


Moving to the north east we have another prom and height estimation.

Prom_NE_Limb_20220518_123101Z_x3_JWH.png.d25d884c38a84b732f2f518e622f5c26.png          Prom_NE_Limb_20220518_123101Z_x3_Scale_JWH.png.97328d73da5f0c968ef9e9bc772c8b5c.png


Finally, over to the north east and a larger prom.

Prom_NW_Limb_20220518_122758Z_x3_JWH.png.72d4f64d902b9a5653e8583cd3b8f4d1.png          Prom_NW_Limb_20220518_122758Z_x3_Scale_JWH.png.a92bcf2c7c9429972b36be295012f428.png

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