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Walking on the Moon

Help to spend some money please


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Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a DSLR, but have a few stupid questions first, so here goes. Would like to be able to use the camera for both Astro and as a normal camera (grand kids, wedding of daughter etc)

1) If I buy a camera with live view does this mean if I use it on the scope I can see my image on the PC ?

2) If so with what software ?

3) What camera would you suggest?

4) Do I have to get it modded, and if I do does this mean I can still use it for normal pics ?

Sorry if these are dumb questions. I've probably got more but my brain is'nt playing at the moment.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Trudie.

I'm sorry I'm not nearly intelligent or experienced enough to answer your question, but I thought I'd say hi, as us girls must stick together.

I can recommend any number of ways to spend your money at the Clarins counter...(but that would just be reinforcing the stereotype, wouldn't it?!)

I shall watch this space, as I find astrophotography fascinating too (but am too scared of the f numbers to try it).

Best of luck in your techno-quest!


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Anybody help, its burning a whole in my pocket, did a bit of research last night and have narrowed down to the canon 40d, 450d, and 1000d,as I now know I can see image on PC.

$0d out of reach, so which would you recommend please.


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I have the 450d that I use for general photography and on my scope and I'm pretty happy with it. I've not found anything that I need to do that it wont do yet!

In answer to your questions,

1) yes, live view will let you view the image on the PC (great for focussing)

2) the standard Canon software that comes with the camera allows you to do this and also to take timed long exposures (longer than you can with just the camera alone). You can also setup a sequence of shots - i.e. take 5 x 3 minute exposures and it will do this and download the images to an attached PC.

3) Depends how much money you want to spend, but when I was looking the 450d seemed a good compromise between cost and features.

4) No, I use mine standard. Don't really know about getting it modded and what that means for normal pics - but I think it involves removing the IR filter from within the camera so maybe you will need to buy an additional IR filter for your lens(es) to take "normal" photos again.

Hope this helps.


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The 450D would be a great choice Trudie


1.) Liveview allows you to see the scene you are going to take on the camera rear screen. You dont need to use a PC to use this function although you can hook up a PC to it with a USB cable and see the liveview function on the PC and you can all use the Canon software to control a sequence of exposures.

2.) You can use the canon utilities as mentioned above.

3.) 450D would be a good start one of the advantages over the 1000D is that it takes 14bit images instead of 12 which will give a greater range of brightness levels. The display is also bigger. The 1000D is a great value for money though.

4.) No you dont need to get it modded straight away but if you do in the future i would recommend getting an Astronomik OWB filter that restores the white balance and retains the full Auto functionality. Dont forget modding a brand new DSLR will invalidate the warranty unless it is bought as a modded one from a specialist dealer.



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