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How to use PrimaLuce Rings with dovetail

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Hi all,

Let's go with a dummy question from my side...


I want to use Primalucelab 80mm support rings with Primaluce dovetail, but I'm not sure about how to bind them together.

I was thinking first in using a Losmandy-D-style dovetail, or a Vixen-style as fallback alternative.


Primaluce Rings have:

* two holes with 55mm between them and M6 threaded, and

* two holes with 20mm between them and 6,5mm diameter holes unthreaded.



Losmandy style dovetail plate 240mm PLUS has holes at 20 and 55 separations, all of them of 6,5mm diameter (unthreaded).



* Could I then use M6 bolts at 55mm distance to bind ring and dovetail?

* Or shall I use 6,5 bolts at 20mm distance to do it ?


I just want to be sure I buy everything I need. 

Thank you so much in advance !!



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I used the M6 at 55mm separation to bind (from memory I can't actually rememberif the 6.5 holes are threaded).  It should come with the M6 bolts to bind.  Its a v good system and the holes are cleverly sized & spaced that I don't think ADM dovetails work that well so you have to use the Primaluce dovetail (its all about peripheral sales :) ).

EDIT: sorry just noticed you say that in fact the 6.5 are indeed unthreaded.  The problem w using the unthreaded is that the nut and/or bolt head would then stick out on whichever side, depending on how you do it, which will not be as effective or convenient as using the threaded holes.

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