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As Soon as I Launch PHD2 -- RA and DEC Go Nuts


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About 3 weeks ago while on a trip to AZ I set up my Celestron AVX mount in the RV Park hoping to do some photography. It was the first time I had sat it up in some 6 months. The last time I had it set up all was working well. 

I did Polar align using my Pole Master. Quick Align on the mount having set the longitude and latitude for my location. I did a plate solve on 2 different stars and sync'ed my mount each time. I sent it to Orion and it quickly found Orion and plate solved on my desired target (Horsehead). Then I enabled PHD2 and it locked onto a star and started tracking. As soon as PHD2 started sending corrections, both RA and DEC went off the graph within a few seconds. It was as if PHD2 was telling it to go the wrong way. A few seconds later PHD2 would report that it has lost the star. I had recently updated ASTAP to the latest version.

I am looking for ideas of what was going wrong with my setup?

After an hour or more of fiddling with the mount settings, APT and PHD2 I finally gave up and bagged it for the night. Being in a strange new location was adding to the frustration factor. I haven't had time to retest it since I got back home. I am wanting to try to shoot a time lapse of the Lunar Eclipse this coming Sunday evening. Hope to have an evening before to attempt to test the system but cloud forecast is not good.

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Within the settings have you got the reverse Dec after flip tab checked... If your pulse guiding then ascom already knows this has to reverse after a flip so no need to have this ticked

Is your guide setting on Auto, north or south( far right tab)


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