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The Eagle nebula - M16 (HαOIIIHβ Narrowband)


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Hello again from down under...

This is the second last object image that I have imaged during my clear and moon less nights I was lucky to have been graced with... 

When I was exposing The Eagle Nebula, I imaged it through all of my narrowband filters, S2, Ha, O3 and HBeta... The first image I processed was predominantly using the standard Hubble palette SHO method (with HBeta only used for star color), but a while ago I found that using a color configuration of Ha, O3 and Hb as RGB, actually delivers colors which are very close to natural looking... with the added benefit of cutting through light pollution, allowing much longer sub exposures than with broadband RGB and potentially capturing fainter matter with more contrast.

This image was taken with a 8" SCT (at the native 2032mm focal length), with a QHY268M camera and tracked using a "hypertuned" CGEM mount.

The total exposure time of this image was 12 hours and 45 minutes.
Exposures: Hα:17x600s, OIII:17x900s, Hβ:17x1200s @ HCG:62/OFS:25

Clear Skies,

M16 HaO3Hb  21Apr-4May2022 - 12h45m frmS.jpg

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