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Novice Challenge

ED120 last night

Trevor N

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I think I missed the best seeing last night and didn't set up until about 10 o'clock as the moon was getting lower. It was also cooling rapidly so thought I would plum for a refractor. I don't think the 180 mak would have cooled down.  Taken at prime focus on an ED120 with an ASI 120 mm. Three panes stitched together. 

08-05-22 ED120 pf.png

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Like the picture. I was out at almost exactly the same time in Suffolk trying to sketch Ptolemaeus down to Thebit and it’s good to see again what I was trying draw badly. Especially taken by the sunlight catching on the central peaks and northwards the shadows of the Alpine Mountains.

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6 minutes ago, BRADLEY 1953 said:

Very nice image. I was out at the same time with my 130mm APO.  Yes, the moon was getting lower by then and seeing also not as good as earlier.

Thanks Bradley. The seeing does makes all the difference.

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14 hours ago, Grotemobile said:

That is a very good shot of the moon. Very hazy here on the south coast.  Did U 

use single shots of the moon stitched together .

Thanks Steve. I used three video files processed and then stitched together. 

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