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HI All,

Sharing with you my latest image that I processed so far. This is the Eagle nebula (M16/NGC6611) in the constellation Serpens imaged through narrowband filters using an 8" SCT (at the native 2032mm focal length), with a QHY268M camera o a hypertuned CGEM mount.

The total exposure time of this image was 18 hours and 25 minutes.
Exposures: SII:17x1200s, Hα:17x600s, OIII:17x900s, Hβ:17x1200s @ BIN2x2/HCG:62/Offset:25

The color channel assignments are SII, HAlpha and OIII as RGB, and the HAlpha, OIII and HBeta (as RGB) used for the star colors.

Clear Skies,

M16 S2HaO3Hb  21Apr-4May2022 - 18h25m frmS.jpg

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