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May 8, 2022: Supernova SN2022hrs in NGC 4647 finally spotted

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Got the C8 out tonight, at first for some lunar imaging (data being stacked on this machine as I type), but afterwards for some DSO viewing. I first picked up M53, just because I like globulars, and to get my eye in. Then swung over to Vindemiatrix, and star hopped to M60 and M59, both fitting easily in the FOV of the Nagler 31 T5 "Panzerfaust". I then focused on M60 first with the ES 17 mm 92 deg EP, and could make out NGC 4647 quite readily, despite moonlight. I got some fleeting glimpses of something stellar in just about the right place, but switching to the ES 12mm 92 deg darkened the background enough to remove all doubt: supernova number 16 spotted! Would love to have a longer session, but I have to get up early for work tomorrow, so will content myself with these few objects (although I might have a peek at a few more globulars).

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