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Cleaning optics, don’t be afraid.


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The Celestron c100-ed that I’ve just acquired, came with objectives in a dire state, it looked as if someone attempted to clean them with ordinary soap!

Having over the years, cleaned my own equipment, optics too!  I decided that I should invest in a good quality cleaning kit.   Therefore I purchased the Zeiss cleaning kit and today cleaned both Celestron ed refractors that I own.
 I read the instructions well and applied the cleaning aids as described in their instructions, the results? Perfectly clean objectives.

I will admit that I tried it out on the 50mm star finder first, again excellent results. 
By following the instructions and using as little pressure as necessary I can’t see why others cannot attempt to clean optics that do need a proper clean to function without fear of damaging the surfaces.

My method also involved removing the objective lens cell from the tube, you then get good access to the back surface, blowing out any dust that may have accrued there before applying the tissue or/and the spray chemical cleaner. Holding the lens at an angle you get to see where there still maybe residue to be removed gently with the supplied cloth, it didn’t take much effort and as I said the results were perfectly clean optics.



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It’s not difficult, just needs patience and a methodical approach. I also used cotton gloves so as to not undo what I just cleaned. If you decide to remove the lens cell, use that time to also stick a vacuum cleaner into the tube to remove any other dust particles, just inside is enough and hold the tube upright.


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