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Budget (and bodge it! ) Mini Metal Observatory


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I've been keeping quiet about this as I had every confidence that I'd come a cropper somewhere along the build process and it wouldn't work, but on Thursday night I had my first fully automated session in my new observatory - set Nina up and then headed out on a works do. The roof opened, the sky stayed clear, m81 was imaged, and in the morning the roof was closed... Hurrah! 

Inspired by some great builds on SGL, I'd been thinking about it for a while and  took the plunge when the planets aligned for me: a bonus from work, a birthday, and a pergola that nearly blew over in the wind so had to be taken down which provided free treated timber. 

Managed to get the necessary permission to squeeze it into the bottom of the garden, behind the bushes 😁 (as long as I hide it behind trellis when I'm done) 

It's going to take a while to write the whole build up (particularly as my middle name is procrastination), but here are the big ticket items and some pics. (I warn you now, this build makes Heath Robinson look like high-end quality) 

8x4 metal shed for £215 (cheap, and feels it) 

Gate opener for £101

8 Roof wheels £50

all from Amazon







A vid:

It's a bit tight inside, but I reckon I can get two piers in there as my biggest scope is a 150pds...😂 

More to follow. 


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