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April 2022 Quark Chromo images...it's been a while


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38 minutes ago, newbie alert said:

If it's been a while you certainly haven't got rusty... Cracking images and awesome animations... What's your setup?

Been a good few years now i think, one thing & another i kind of lost touch with this place.

My setup is AZEQ6-GT  152mm Technosky Achromat F5.9, Baader 135mm D-ERF, Quark Chromo & Point Grey IMX174 mono camera.

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9 hours ago, MalcolmM said:

Agree with the others. Absolutely stunning videos! How long in real time are they taken over?


Cheers, roughly an hour. Those particular 'events' were extremely fast on my capture screen in real time so best bet is fast exp time for less time otherwise you can end up stacking blury frames, I was at 6 or 7ms on those 2 but tbh honest 3-4ms for 5 secs would have been better.

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7 hours ago, Debo said:

Solar imaging TOTALLY nailed 😲 :icon_salut:

Thanks Den, life got seriously hectic for me & i lost touch with the forum & sometimes trying to fit everything in just was not doable, good to be posting again though & glad to see your still here fella 😉 


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