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I don't know about the LPro Max vs L-Pro, fortunately I'm in a Bortle 2 area, so only use a UV/IR cut filter.

I have, however, used the L-eXtreme for near full Moon nights with the ASI294MC and it works quite well. As long as you're not that close to the Moon it does allow you to take 2-3 minute exposures with little effect from Moon glow. The filter is also very good on Moonless nights for emission nebula like the Flaming Star, Jellyfish & Heart.

I used to use the 1.25" version of the L-eXtreme but have now got a filter draw and swapped to the 2" Askar Duo-Band filter, which also works very well. I haven't done a target comparison between the Askar & L-eXtreme, but it's worth considering. ;) 

This is 3 hours of the Rosette with same camera, scope & mount you have, only using the Askar filter:


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The 2" Askar is only £20 more than the 1.25" L-eXtreme, so price wise the Askar wins and if you're looking for the 2" version then FLO has one on offer at the moment.

Like I said above, I haven't had chance to do a direct comparison between the two filters. They seem to be about equal on the amount of Ha they pick up but the Askar seems to get more OIII, but that could be down to a change in my processing or that I'm using more data.

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