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SGL 2022 Challenge 5 - Noctilucent Cloud

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Midsummer noctilucent clouds above a relic of mining in Arkengarthdale.  Probably used a century ago to reprocess barite from two century old lead mining spoil.  I fancifully imagine a shipwrecked galleon!

June 20/21st.  Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 50mm.  Focus stacked, light painted foreground.  Cheers, Paul.





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It's been a fairly challenging season for me. Work commitments make it difficult to do "both ends" of the night routinely, so I tend to go out scouting late evening. This year seems to have favoured the morning observers, and I've probably had a dozen or so failed outings with only a handful of successes.

This is from the brightest and longest event I saw this year, on 20 June, and it's an 8-pane pano shot with a Canon 6D and Samyang 135mm, each pane being 2.5s at ISO800.  Taken in the Cambridgeshire Fens.


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I've been travelling to this location, the One Mile Telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory outside Cambridge, since last year trying to get an NLC shot.  This year I must have visited on a dozen separate evenings. Whilst I'm yet to get the "banger" shot I'm looking for, I did finally manage to capture NLCs behind the dish on 5 July this year.  A short-lived but bright display that was to the north-east after sunset.


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Hi all!

I'm at 53.5°N Canada and I've observed night lit clouds since I arrived here 20 odd years ago, from the very wet coast of Vancouver to chilly Edmonton.


The last few times out recently and observing them a lot, I see what others have captured, thicker cirrus like filiments stretched over considerable stretches of sky, when previously, they were much smaller and thiner 'clouds' of iridescence and no where near as obvious as they are now.


Coincidently (?) Much More Moisture has plagued us here over the last few years especially the last two and this year almost a record amt of precip.


Sunshine is not as often as the first 16plus years I was here, and clouds were MUCH less then as now, it will be clear and then suddenly get cloudy when evening arrives, and I am wondering/praying that this is not the new normal now.

A bit scary TTTT and I pray its only an anomaly or maybe its only a longer term cycle emerging ?! IDK

I will keep observing whatever the trend is though !!


BTW: First post!!

Glad to be here !!!




Clear and steady skies



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Taken from my back garden on the 6th July using my Huawei Mate20pro. 

While shutting down my observatory after a short night of imaging I noticed the bright clouds, after quickly grabbing a shoot from the driveway deciced to found a spot in the garden where the silhouette of the trees & branches would enhance the image.




Picture info. 




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