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Long session 29/04/22

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Doubles from 20:30 29/04/22 to 01:30 30/04/2022 (with breaks). It was supposed to be a Leo session but I wandered a fair bit :tongue2:

Scope: Starfield 102mm f7 ED
Eyepieces: 22mm LVW x 32; 8mm LVW x89; 4mm SLV x179; 2.5mm SLV x286

Conditions: excellent seeing, very poor transparency – mag 3.9 in the direction of Leo

γ Leo: Algieba – classic pair, orange and white at x89
OΣ523: faint blue secondary at x179
OΣ215: tight bluish pair – listed as 1.4”. Barely split at x179; clean split at x286
OΣ216: split at x276 but difficult. Secondary seemed fainter than its 10.3
Σ1552: good split at x179. An uneven pair with another fainter star at a wider separation
Σ1547: uneven pair. Split at x32 but looked better at x89
SKF1549: Wide at x89, secondary faint
Sh132: Very wide at x89 but secondary very faint in these conditions
Σ1565: easy pair at x32
Σ1596: fairly easy and even at x179 – can’t read the rest of my notes!
Σ1486: easy pair at x32
Σ1540: a wide easy pair at x32. Couldn’t see the fainter third star
Σ1507: faint pair best seen at x179
h839: faint pair – secondary barely glimpsed through the poor transparency
ξ UMa: brilliant even pair at x179; even better at x286 with two lovely airy discs
ν UMa: pale orange primary with a very faint bluish secondary at x179
Σ1543: faint secondary at x179. There are others in this system but too faint for the conditions
Ho 50: uneven pair at x179. Both look pale yellow
γ Vir: stand out pair. Brilliant at x179
Σ1777: bright primary with a fainter secondary, x179
Σ1764: lovely white and blue pair at x89 with a fainter third some distance away. A number of other stars in the same field
Σ1740: wide, even pair at x32

And that was it. I could have gone one all night, but, fatigue set in. There’s plenty more left for other nights though.

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Good report, that's a lot of doubles. That would wear me out too as I find they take a lot of concentration!

How did you find the 2.5mm SLV, I have one of those but have used it only with f5 scopes, I haven't tried it in an f7. It sounds like it held up ok?

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1 hour ago, Paz said:

How did you find the 2.5mm SLV, I have one of those but have used it only with f5 scopes, I haven't tried it in an f7. It sounds like it held up ok?

Yes, the image quality is every bit as good as the rest of the range. It does need good seeing for that kind of magnification though.

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