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Supernova 2022hrs

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On 14th April 2021 I imaged Messier 60 and it's attractive neighbour galaxy NGC 4647.  April 2022 has pretty well been a disaster month for me - although unseasonably dry, the high pressure systems that kept away the rain also contained considerable cloud, so a very disappointing end to the galaxy season at my latitude. However last night (27th April) promised a few hours of clear sky and I was all set to do some imaging when I was advised of the supernova in NGC 4647. SN 2022hrs, discovered by amateur astronomer Koichi Itagaki on April 16. The discovery magnitude was around 15, but continued to brighten. I was able to acquire 8 x 10 minute luminance frames but only 1 each RGB before the clouds returned. And this is the result. I was able to use the colour information from my original image, and the supernova colour from the single RGB frames. QSI 683 on RC10 with SX AO unit.

When I examined an individual luminance frame it was apparent that the magnitude of the supernova was in the region of 11.6. When you consider that the listed magnitude for the entire galaxy is 11.4 it is apparent that the supernova almost completely outshone its parent galaxy. Must have been quite a sight for any being living in that galaxy!

The full size crops are before and after - the supernova is unmissable!

SN 2022hrs.jpg



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