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Not really sure how i got these two images ?

Pete Presland

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From the back of the car at work again. Horrible conditions, wind, cloud, rain, not sure why i even bothered to be honest.  Waited 25 minutes of my 30 minute dinner break to grab 2 runs, then rush to pack up.

The data looked pretty average as i captured it, but the end results are pretty decent to be honest.

The usual set up, Evostar120mm, Asi174mm, x3 Barlow.  Decided to leave these as just mono images rather than the usual Pseudo coloured versions.




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1 minute ago, maw lod qan said:

Nice images!

I'm amazed that you are doing astronomy on your break.

I get an hour for lunch at 9am and normally take a quick power nap!🙄

Set up during Tea-break (10mins), grab quick image or two if possible. Dinnertime (30mins), try and do white light full disc, couple of close ups and some H/A if possible. Then pack up everything safely for journey home. 

Definitely makes the commute/working day much more bearable when i get to image at work. I car share so only possible every other day (weather permitting)

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Fantastic images! I have to say that you must be the most committed imager I have heard of. Running a spur of the moment solar observatory from the back of your car and imaging on your lunch break is dedication on another lever 👏 

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