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Dark north Skye , dark sky night 4, gripped !


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Fourth sparkling clear night . Awoke at 1.30, stepped out into an awesome pristine sky. Just breathtaking to see so many stars and the ragged bright Milky Way winding through Cygnus up to Cassiopeia. We're over 20 miles from town and the sky looks ancient and primeval.


Ursa Major was hard to spot , couldn't pick out Polaris easily ! The great tangle of Berenice's hair dominated the sky above a full Leo.


A perfect circular crown of Corona Borealis lead to the many stars of Hercules, M13 being a spot by eye . As was the double cluster . At the zenith , so many stars almost making the sky brown !


Stars were sown to the horizon, sat amazed , before a bino scan around .

Tried a few shots with my compact camera, just hope you see how packed the sky is !

Makes a perfect holiday , stunning at night and awesome by day . 

Going to need a bigger holiday !

Take care and clear skies !


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Superb Nick looks fantastic, I was talking to a couple of very informed people last night and from what I said I could see from here they think instead or bortle 6 skies I have bortle 8 no wonder I cannot see M51 and the Leo Trio wish I was there to see such beauty.

Enjoy yourself and keep the pictures and reports coming.

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I  love it when it gets so dark you cannot identify the constellations. You need an plate solving implant in your eye to navigate around lol :)  Cracking photograph showing Skye at its best there Nick, enjoy.


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