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Quality and support issues with 10 Micron Mounts?


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I'm not sure if I have been very unlucky, but I'm having real issues with 10 Micron.

It's a rather long and sorry tale, but the first GM1000 I received worked fine for 3 weeks, then started freezing on slews when building a model. Unfortunately this was in August when 10 Micron take the whole of the month off (no manufacturer support), ended up having to send the unit back, and get a replacement (which took a further three months).

The replacement unit arrived at the end of last year, and worked well for a couple of months, but now has exactly the same error.

FLO are being very helpful, but very disappointed with 10 Micron. They don't respond to emails, and still haven't enabled my account to be able to access the closed forums to download the latest firmware and or diagnostics tools.

Great mount when it is working, but looks like they have some serious production and support issues. Has anyone else had smilier problems?

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When it works it is an amazing mount.

It is possible I'm doing something that has caused the problem, but I really do look after the mount. The only common feature between the two failures was that is was shortly after tracking the IIS.

Also, I have not read about anyone having exactly the same issue. A few owners have had similar Lock Clutches Warnings.

What is extremely frustrating is that I have to go via FLO to get any of the firmware or support tools because 10 Micron are not authorising my forum account. I can't even get help from the community.

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