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Hi everyone

Weekend. We had a bunch of visitors with what our director rather un-lovingly calls 'portatas' (portable-potato) aka Skywatcher 72ed, satisfying the Spanish waiting lists after a crate made it through from China a few weeks ago.

Having been disappointed with my previous attempt at this target with a sw130p, I figured that the only way to get more of the galaxies with even less aperture was with longer frames. So this is 10 minutes. Still disappointed, as the extra time seems to have done little for the volume of the galaxies, and it's noisy. Dunno...

Anyway, if you've had a go at this with your dslr, do post your findings.

Thanks for looking and clear skies.

700d + 72ed. 18x10m @ ISO800. siril 1.1.0 startools 1.8.527-2


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Looks lovely to me....

I've tried this target a couple of times and been disappointed with the results - I think it's a tough one. Re noise, doesnt seem too bad - not sure if you're cooled? Last time I imaged from Spain with an uncooled DSLR I could have BBQed some bangers on the sensor. 

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In my Alt-Az imaging days some years ago, I tackled this target using 91 x 30s subs with my 102mm frac. and Fuji XT1. I wasn't unhappy with my result then (it's in my gallery). So I'm not sure that long subs are necessarily the answer. I'm sure there is a theoretical answer, but I'm not up to that😉. It must depend on thermal and read noise somehow. Have you calculated the optimum sub length?


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14 minutes ago, The Admiral said:

I'm not sure that long subs are necessarily the answer.


No, neither am I. No theory here, we thrive on pragmatism, so gonna go with your 30s idea. 


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