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Newbie needing help Sky Watcher 200p w/synscan goto

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So, to begin, brand new to all of this. I randomly came across an article about best bang-4-buck telescopes, so on a whim, i looked into a sky watcher 200p (the over all winner) and found what i though was a tremendous deal, and i bought it. Only to recieve it and find it didnt have a mount!

Back to square 1, find a used dobsonian mount, get it for a fair price, recieve it, and.... promptly have to figure a fix to some busted feet. Ok, done and...... wellllll %@$&, it doesnt fit. So it appears that 1 of the side bearings needs to be replaced with a mounting plate so that it count slide onto the AZ motor drive plate.

Suffice it to say, searching and searching has yielded zero replacement parts, zero suppliers, and zero solutions. Reaching out to support @ skywatcher was..... equally fruitful. 

I am really hoping someone here may have a solution,  a provider, or even a CAD file that could be 3D printed.

The scope is an 8inch sky-watcher 200p (white, non-collapsible). The mount says sky-watcher flextube 200p freedom find dual encoder. The hand controller says synscan.

I will happily provide any pictures that might help, i appoligies for any terms i may have butchered, and i greatly appreciate any help or insight anyone may have for me.

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Currently at work, so posting generics, and will gladly post anything furthur that may help, but this is what Im looking at

The scope itself

mount type

The interfacing plate that is attached to the AZmotor

what "seems" to be the in mount that mates to the interfacing plate that must attach to the scope, in place of one of the side bearings (viewing side, per the manuals)



mount type.jpg



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also, looking at how the plate and mount must interact, the plate must be about 1/2 to 3/4 the overall width of the standard side bearing. I think if I could even just replicate the plate, im sure I could then cutdown the side bearing in such a way as to make it work

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