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Venus crescent 16/03/09


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Well it's much lower than it was even a few nights ago. Combine that with the warm day heat that was irradiating back into the atmosphere, making Venus tonight somewhat tricky.

But I think I have two or three chances left... Tuesday, Thursday and saturday/Sunday... before even my good western horizon lets me down.

This AVI was taken, as usual, through the Skymax 180 with the DMK running at 60FPS. Just before 18:30.

This was a 6600 frame AVI of such poor quality, that to get enough frames to stack I had to drop the quality down to 35% :)

So with a quality set to 35%, I had 2200 frames to stack and to be honest I didn't think it would be any good.

But I'm actually quite pleased with the final image!

Looking forard to getting another later in the week.

I've also updated the december - March sequence image HERE if it's of interest.


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