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Grid in camera

Miguel B

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When I use my camera, the Celestron Burst Color, I notice a few lines in a grid pattern on the camera view. It because significantly more noticeable when I use my processing software. (Siril) It messes up the image and is rather frustrating. Can someone help me solve this?

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18 hours ago, barbulo said:

Welcome to SGL. 
What settings are you using (gain, exposure time…)? Could you post and image?


So far, I've only worked out how to take pictures, ROI, and a bit of the focus. I haven't really changed anything since the time I found my problem.

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I can’t see the gain or exposure time settings in your screenshots. I use Sharpcap for planetary imaging capture; very user friendly. Never used iCap. 
My workflow for planetary capture and processing is Sharpcap->PiPP->Autostakket->Registaxx->Fitworks->Photoshop. I believe SiriL is meant for DSO imaging processing. 
All but Photoshop are free and there are plenty of tutorials on YT.

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