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Pier time


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After moving house, I really missed the pier I had built at the previous place, so planning started for pier Mk2.

We have a small garden so compromises had to be made, with the mount here, I get 10' to the East and West, 20' to the South and 30' to the North. 



So I dug a hole, stuck some metal in it and let it set solid. It doesn't come out well but the studs are 450mm long.


200Kgs of cement later and we get this.....


A few days later, a touch of Hammerite paint and this is where I am at the moment....


Next step is give it a few more days to fully cure, then stick the mount on top.

I do have a bit of "modification" work to do though as I bought an RVO HD Pier adapter. Whilst the HEQ5 fits, the North peg is not in the correct place so a touch of drilling is required.





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The pier has moved on slightly so I thought I would update the thread.

Both my wife and I like the look of the pier and mount so I challenged myself with creating an enclosure that was partially shaded but enabled the pier and mount to be seen.

This is the result so far....


I have quick release clamps for the base, but it's a trifle warm at the moment so that can wait for a few days. The plan is for a removeable nearly full length door on the right side and a similar length fixed panel on the left side. The fixed panel will be created from something lightweight like correx or plastic paneling. The frame is painted in as near as I could get it, Disney's go away green so it becomes invisible so you may not be able to see that...😜 I have just slapped a couple of pieces of hardboard on at the moment to provide a bit of weather protection.

Temperatures are obviously pertinent, currently ambient is 34'c and the mount is 36'c so keeping a close eye out for any grease or mechanical challenges.

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Well it survived the thunderstorms and rather a lot of rain 👌 but I have changed tack slightly in that I am going to go for quick release removeable panels front and back. After the recent hot weather, I either have to have greater ventilation at the top (for my own piece of mind) or a removable top section. I found that inside the enclosure got to a max of about 4'c above ambient and simply removing the side panel dropped it within a few minutes, so sold :D 

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