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A quick cygnus widefield, with telescope data merged in

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I haven't attempted any widefield images with my DSLR since modding it, but the other night provided a good opportunity to try it out on cygnus with my 105mm f2.8

The weather did not co-operate (no clouds, just poor visibility coming and going) and my star adventurer was not balanced properly (lessons for next time!) but things turned out nicely in the end.


I had snapped a 4 panel mosaic in monochrome using my telescope a little earlier, and figured it would be fun to scale the DSLR image up and merge the telescope data into it.

I found a layer blending mode in GIMP that would allow me to put the colour data in the DSLR in front of the telescope's image, while keeping all of the detail in the mosaic. Well chuffed. It's a biggie though.1958418757_2022-04-22CygnusWidefield-Dual_Scale_LQ.thumb.jpg.2117bd4a60eafabb65a7596b1076bb09.jpg

The mosaic represents about 2 hours total time on luminance, while the DSLR image represents about 2.5 hours of total time in the stack.

Hope you've all enjoyed some clear skies of your own!

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