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Solar eclipse on Mars.


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Now here's a question.......

Would it be possible to see the shift in the apparent positions of the sunspots due to the gravitational presence of that moon (Phobos) .... ie.... curving of the space-time continuum etc.....??

or would the effect be just too small ?

(I'm aware that Eddington  (?) did it with the nearby stars, the Sun and a Solar eclipse many years ago in South Africa...)

Which then leads me on to asking, could you see any light deflection with a sunspot and the nearby limb of the Moon (our Moon) during a Partial eclipse   ??


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Its a annular eclipse not an eclipse, am I getting picky in my later years? or more likely just bored on a cloudy Saturday evening with nothing else to-do.

At least I can see some sunspots on the sun in the video FROM Mars more than I can see from SE England. Weird that the Sun should look so small compared to Phobos given their relative size.

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