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Summer Triangle Challenge

Sh2-140, Sh2-145, Sh2-150 and PK107+7.1 in Cepheus


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This two-panel mosiac was imaged under a full moon with my dual-RASA rig over two nights. Again the IDAS NBZ dual band (Ha+Oiii) filter made it possible even with the moon at full force.

Sh2-140 is rather commonly imaged, but this is not so much so for the other two Sharpless objects in the image. The Ha emitting sphere in the top right corner is the faint but rather large (15') planetary nebula PK 107+7.1

So, caught 16-17 April 2022 with RASA8 and ASI2600MC (gain 100) with IDAS NBZ filter, on a Mesu 200. 193 x 5 min, so about 17 hours. Processed in PI and PS, including Star Xterminator to stretch the nebulosity separately from the stars.

Comment most welcome as allways

Cheers, Göran





20220416-17 Sh2-140 RASA mosaic PS11smallSign.jpg

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 14.07.20.png

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