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Beginner How to use a telescope?

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Have a Meade ETX-70AT. Just tried to use tonight. I'm going to play with it in manual fashion before I tackle AutoStar Controller. Wanted to know this: if I'm viewing an object say the moon; with a 25 mm eyepiece and I switch to a 9 mm eyepiece  should I turn the focus knob to the right or counter clockwise to achieve a refocusing.

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It depends on the EP been used. Some EP’s are called parfocal & this is usually with EP’s from the same make (i.e. Baader or Celestron etc) which means there is very little focusing change required when swapping EP’s to achieve correct focus. Some EP’s however do require a much larger focus change when swapped (my TV Delight 5mm EP requires a lot more inward focus change). Not sure if you need to turn your focus wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise to achieve focus here, but if focus is that far out between the two EP’s then try doing the focusing in the daytime on a distant object as far away from you as you can see & alter the focus either way until you achieve focus to give you an idea of which way it needs to go. You can normally tell if you’re going the right way as things will normally start to get into focus before you get the final focus setting required. If getting even more blurry then try the focus the opposite way.

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Welcome to SGL👍

Do you have an owner’s manual?  If not then I’m sure an online search will provide, or look for a review.

When using this type of telescope in automated mode don’t skimp on the batteries especially using at night. In lower temperatures batteries are less effective, so have spares available or use a power tank.

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