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first look spx 300 f6 1/12th pv

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I will report more when i know how it performs but im slowly getting up and running need to buy the long weight rod as its not balancing yet

Still a mobile phone as i dont have a digital camera but you can see the scope better in these, its a beast, setting this up is not easy. but i can do it just







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Looks great! Bet you can't wait for some clear skies.

If I could offer a suggestion to make it a easier to set up, a couple of carrying handles would make it a lot easier lift the OTA into position. Although mine's a dob the problem of carrying the OTA around is the same. On my OD350 I put one handle near the focuser and one on the tube rings. Carrying the tube around without handles is a bit awkward, not really due to the weight but just getting a good hold of it. I got the handles from WDS Ltd. I can give you the correct part numbers if you want.

Take a look at the thread http://stargazerslounge.com/showthread.php?t=68594&highlight=od350+argo if you want to see some photos.


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Wow! that is one impressive looking scope Neil - it even makes the celebrated "HEQ6" mount look small!

I like "johninderby's" idea with the carrying handles.

You must let us know about the stunning views you will get through it!



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Cor thats a monster, after carrying my 300p flextube ota around, I dont envy you having to lift that into the dovetail.

Bet the views will more than make up for the strained back tho :)

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Thanks guys yes its not easy setting it up it weighs quite a lot

Cheers John for the handle suggestion thats what i was thinking i need, could you leave some information about this i assume i will have to take the cell and secondary out again ( oh no not again ive had to do it twice already due to dry paint flecks landing on the primary ) I got quite a few problems at the mo with precise collimation,

and my EQ6 declination is now not holding the weight and is slipping

so ive got a lot of work to do before i can be running on a regular basis but im working on the problems best i can

Cheers again guys

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Hi Neil

Get these handles from WDS Ltd


They're not cheap but are industrial quality. You will need one of the shortest handles and one of the longest handles. Make sure to order the version that has the black rubber covered centre sections. The long handle fits onto the tube rings so get the one that is longer than you need as they can be shortened to the exact length needed by removing one end and cutting the central "pipe" section. You will also need to get hold of two 8mm countersunk head bolts for the long handle.

You won't need to remove the mirror cell but will have to remove the secondary mirror and vanes (easy job). Just keep the tube level and stuff the upper end of the tube with some old towels to prevent any bits going down the tube when you drill the holes for the small handle. Use some large diameter "body repair washers" on the inside for the small handle (available at Focus DIY etc).

When fitting the handle to the tube rings just drill an 8mm hole through each ring and then countersink the hole on the inside of the ring so that the head of the countersunk bolt won't touch the surface of the tube. As the bolt is now "upside down" with the nut in the hole in the top of the handle it's a bit tricky to tighten up. I seem to remember wedging a flat screwdriver down the hole while I tightened up the bolt.

If you need any more info just ask.


Edited by johninderby
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It must weigh a ton, if the eq6 dec motor is slipping then I hate to say it but you may end up breaking the bank with a Losmandy G11 or above:icon_eek:

Are you going to use it for imaging?

Sorry to be so nosy but I just wondered why you got a F6.

It is a cracking looking scope:icon_salut:

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Hi Again Guys yes i intended to do lunar and planetary imaging with this new setup, f6 has more collimation tolerance, its easier to make good f6 mirrors. I will have more scale less barlow power needed. less coma than a fast system, F8 would be better, but not with a 12" way to big.

Neil phillips lunar and planetary images

Many thanks Steve, i will be looking out for it today. Thanks for sorting out the problem. Ill let you know what the replacement is like ( another mount or repaired ) My moblie has been lost so the number i gave you wont work.

Your service is excellent as always. Ive read what others experiances are with you. And its all glowing reports. That has been my experiance too, first class service. Im really trying hard to get up and running before saturn is not at its best, So i needed a quick sorting of the problem. Which you have done. I will be purchasing this item soon as funds allow Steve, I had to sell numerouse scopes to pay for this one as my funds do not match my interest unfortunatly. But i realize this item is badly, needed and with more weights and a longer weight bar too. i will be contacting you as soon as i can to get these items, Thanks for the pics of the plate

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Just a update it arrived safely, ive set it up, All seems fine, It seems to be locking well. I havent as yet tested it. Im hoping very soon.

If i get any good results ill post up for all to see. Thanks again Steve

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