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Novice Challenge

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) wide-angle view: Bortle 8, OSC, small refractor


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Given that I use a wide-field refractor, galaxy season doesn't exactly fill me with joy, but I managed to bag the Whirlpool Galaxy during the clear skies we recently enjoyed in south-west UK. More info on my website, and imaging details are below the image.




* March 2022
* Bristol, UK (Bortle 8 )
* Telescope: Askar FRA400 f/5.6 Quintuplet APO Astrograph
* Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC-PRO
* Filter: none
* Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G
* Guide: William Optics 32mm; ZWO ASI 120MM Mini
* Control: ASIAIR Plus, ZWO EAF
* Software: PixInsight, Lightroom, Topaz DeNoise AI
* 1200 x 120 seconds

Total integration time: 40 hours

By Lee Pullen


Edited by Lee_P
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23 hours ago, callisto said:

Love wide shots like this :thumbsup:




18 hours ago, tomato said:

Bravo for rising to the challenge of imaging  a broadband target like M51 from a Bortle 8 location.👍


5 hours ago, simmo39 said:

Nice, the Askar scores again!

Thanks all! I find the shot a bit underwhelming, but perhaps interesting and useful as an example of what this target looks like with a small refractor. It's got me lusting after a bigger 'scope though 😝

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