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N.I.N.A. makes my images blurrier than direct shot with DSLR

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Hi everyone, I would like to ask an advice as a beginner in astrophotography. I will try to be as clear as possible.

I managed to connect my Canon 6D Mark II through NINA to my laptop. No matter how hard I tried so far, I couldn't manage to get a nice relatively shapr image of moon.

On the other hand, with same telescope (Skywatcher MIRA 200p), same DSLR, when I unplug the camera from USB and just press the shutter button manually, I get much sharper image.

Could there be any difference in your opinion? Or I am just clumsy with computers? 



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That sounds like it may be the cabling at fault. I.e. they are dragging or adding vibration. 

To prevent that they could be tied to the mount and brought back along the axles to ensure they don't pull.




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