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Lunt LS50 THa any good for imaging.

Look left

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  • Look left changed the title to Lunt LS50 THa any good for imaging.

The simple answer is yes, i have been using a Lunt 50tha for many years now after switching from a PST.  That said mine has a B600 filter.

I used a DMK21au618 camera for ages with mine, but more recently i am using a Zwo asi 290mm camera.  To be honest i have had more problems with Newtons rings since i switched to the Zwo camera. Although this is fairly easy to correct with a tilt adaptor. The superior performance will be hopefully worth the extra cost of the adaptor.

In my experience the Dmk21 will not achieve focus without shortening the nosepiece, my Dmk had to sit as far in the diagonal filter as possible. It then made focus, buy only just.

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The 400 will just restrict the image a little compared to the 600 but give it a go.  The big issue with the Lunt 50 is the terrible helical focuser.  I had one a few years ago and this let it down for imaging immensely.  Which focuser do you have on it?

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Thanks for your replies guys it has a helical focusser. I,d put the Baader click lock short extension fitting directly on the diagonal to try and acheive fovus. It's good to know you can use the B400 filter to image with.

is there a forum discussion on this point and I,d appreciate a link to it .

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