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Issues with narrowband wbpp in Pixinsight

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Hi there, 
I’m looking for some advice for the following image.
All frames were taken in one session, half Ha and half Oiii 45 and 50 x 120 seconds respectively.
All on the same equipment (sw esprit 80mm and zwo asi1600mm).
These have been stacked in weighted batch processing with flats, darks and dark flats and this is the final result.
What on earth is going on with my stacked Oiii image with these lines?
There were horizontal lines as I’ve rotated the images 90 degrees to get the orientation I’m looking for.
Thanks in advance, Andy


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12 minutes ago, Same old newbie alert said:

I first thought it was caused by Elon musk satellites but as they stop in the same place I retract that..

Must be the readout from the camera, so might be worth changing the cameras usb.. are you using a hub?

Yes, a new hub that I just bought.

so why don’t these lines show in all the images......come to think of it, I didn’t see any lines on any of the subs ? 

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3 hours ago, Same old newbie alert said:

So is it showing just in  just the stacked images?  

yes, I went through all my subs and rejected the dodgy ones (guiding was hard work this night) and I don’t remember any with this artefact in them.....that said, I will go back and blink all the Oiii subs again and stretch them hard to see if I can find one.

i also got a clean result with an ldd image of this but it wouldn’t align with my Ha in pixelmath to produce a bi colour image.

and now I think I’ve changed something because when I restack the set it no longer gives me an ldd file ! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Is the ldd file produced from the reference frame in wbpp ?

im getting myself a bit lost with this 😬😂

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