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A sub-Neptune size planet orbiting a Sun-like star- Light Curve for exoplanet HD191939b


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This is the very shallow light curve for exoplanet HD191939b.   The star HD191939 is a Sun-like star with three sub-Neptune size planets orbiting it, of which HD191939b is one.   The three-planet system is 54pc distant and is said to be a promising target for multiwavelength transmission spectroscopy of all three planets' atmospheres.  My data was acquired on 27 March 2022 using a QHY8 OSC and an Optolong L-Extreme filter with a TS152 achromatic refractor mounted on a Losmandy G11 guided with PHD2.  The acquisition software was SGPro and the data was processed using the NASA EXOTIC software to produce the light curve.    I have also attached the paper from The Astronomical Journal that details the confirmation of the discovery of the system in 2020.




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