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DSLR Eta Carinae Nebula (NGC 3372)


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Hi All,

Here is an attempt at the Eta Carinae Nebula. 100 x 20sec subs 20 flats at ISO 800 with a NexStar 102SLT and unmodified Canon 700D. Being near the equator,  I am lucky to have access to objects in both Northern and Southern skies to some degree. While it is said that this object is brighter and more extensive than the great Orion Nebula, it seems to be more challenging to image. A nearby floodlight pointing up at the sky in it's general direction probably made matters worse. Capture was with KStars/Ekos and processed with Siril and Gimp.  Sky was Bortle 4 to 5 and the Nebula was about 20 degrees above the horizon.

Thanks for looking.


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Tried to reprocess, cropped a lot more, stretched a little more,  increased the saturation and did not sharpen. The stars looked kind of punched out in the earlier version. I think I prefer this one.


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