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The Winter Hexagon (Petham, Kent)

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Since it was too windy when I took my photo of Orion a few weeks ago (see my post in the deep sky forum), I put the telescope back in its case and decided to at least take some wide field photos to make a panorama for my pupils. It was a good chance of showing the Winter Hexagon, so there it is. I have also attached the labelled version I made for teaching, though the brighter stars are quite visible if your screen is not too dimmed.

Canon 77D

Samyang 16 mm f/2.0

15-photo mosaic, 30 seconds, ISO 400, f/2.0





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16 hours ago, GrumpiusMaximus said:

That's just lovely.  I'm only a few miles East of Petham so I'll have to give this a go when the conditions permit.  Unfortunately I've been incredibly lazy of late!

Thanks! It's a nice place, and the pollution is not too bad towards the South. I find that it is a good spot for imaging Sagittarius in the summer (or as good as it gets in the Canterbury/Ashford/Folkestone/Dover quadrangle). A bit further down, towards Waltham, it's a bit darker, but the public paths are rather untended.

15 hours ago, Same old newbie alert said:

Great image... I presume I'm in that that light dome on the horizon... I'm in Ashford

Thank you. I hope you don't have lights in your garden, though! 😁

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