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NEW Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi

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22 hours ago, Doversole said:

Well the answer is average! 😂

I get a reasonnably good guiding (I use a Zwo OAG and a ASI120mm mini guide camera). With the Redcat, I am getting below 2" error, which is not so good as with the EQ6r-pro (where I am used to 0.6").

But, once it goes through the Meridian Slip then somehow it all goes wrong. The Meridian flip works, but then for some reason it won't guide properly at all. I had a similar issue using a laltop and APT / PHD2, so it's not the ASIAIR but maybe something in the configuration.

Looking into the details, it seems the guising also struggles to settle before imaging.

If I reset the mount and start again imaging after the flip, it will work again fine. Except I would prefer to sleep!

I see someone else has used different parameters to connect to the mount using USB (AZ Gti and 9600 baud). I may try this.

If it stops working after the flip then its likely a balance issue. 

trouble settling could be balance combined with backlash. Have you wiggled each axis to see how much play you have. It should have some but only a fraction of a millimetre of movement / play at the end of the counter weight shaft. 

Try listening to the RA as you move it at max speed. How does it sound? Does it change pitch at any point in the motion or produce a droning sound with an quickly oscillating pitch? That would indicate binding at different points around the main RA gear. SW are not the best in terms of quality control and so you very often find that the distance between the worm and the spur is not the same for all RA positions. In that instance you need to find that tightest point and then adjust mesh for that location. A little backlash in some locations is better than any amount of binding. But if you find its a very bad example you would consider returning it. 

Have you flashed the motor controllers to the latest version? If you do then make sure that you do it via the USB and not the wifi connection as it is way too unreliable for that. 


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On 21/07/2022 at 15:49, FLO said:

Unfortunately, due to component shortages, there will not be another shipment with Star Adventurer GTi until around first-quarter 2023 🙁 

Sky-Watcher's distributor says the ship will dock Monday, so we will most likely receive Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi mounts at our warehouse around mid-April. 

Looking at the numbers, we will be able to clear all our existing customer backorders 🙂 

We should also have a handful of 'mount only' available, though they will likely sell quickly. 

The mount/tripod/extension/extension-pillar bundle will be more readily available. 

After this month, the next shipment with Star Adventurer GTi is scheduled to dock in June! 



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