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polar align for the eq6 r

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i am trying to align my eq6 but when looking thru the polar scope the reticle appears

to be upside down with 12 oclock sitting at the 6 oclock position and 3 at the 9 oclock position is that correct

according to my ps align pro this seems wrong can any one help meout thanks

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It really doesn’t matter where the numbers are on the reticle, it’s nothing but a circle representing a clock, the numbers have no relevance on a circle other than they may be useful as a reference.

If you are using PS Align Pro, just copy what you see in the app. Place Polaris in the same place on your reticle as it appears in the app. As long as your polar scope is central on it’s axis (which it almost certainly will be) then you will be well polar aligned regardless of where any numbers appear on the reticle 

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24 minutes ago, barbulo said:

That simple, but ensure the reticle’s axis are horizontal-vertical.

I have to admit that I don’t practice what I preach. It is the case that the numbers are irrelevant on the circle but they do help for reference, ie, if PS Align Pro has Polaris 3 notches away from the three on the circle, it can then be handy if the three is in the exact correct position to avoid confusion. This is what I do to perfectly calibrate the reticle but you MUST level the mount for this to work:

Level the mount

Place Polaris at the centre of the reticle 

Using ALTITUDE BOLT ONLY  place Polaris at the top of the circle, on the circle.

Rotate in RA until the 0 is covering Polaris, lock the axis

The clock face is now perfectly callibrated with numbers in correct positions and all axis of the clock perfectly vertical and horizontal 

Carry out PA as normal 

Return mount to home position 

Whole process takes about 5 minutes 

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I pay no attention to the numbers as I just treat it as a clock face and position Polaris at the position and hour highlighted by my Polar align app. A bigger pain for me was centering the polar scope reticle. When I bought the mount new the reticle glass was actually loose inside the polar scope. Once it’s set that’s it set forever.

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Following this with interest, just started using my EQ6 R.

I haven't actually used the Polar Scope yet, not calibrated etc. I have exclusively used the hand controller to do a PA after 3 - Star alignment. Had mixed results, had good 2 minute subs (with a 430mm refractor + DSLR, unguided) to not being able to get 1 minute subs trail free, no doubt down to something I am doing wrong.

But perhaps it's another alternative for you? When I can get it to work, it works fantastic in all fairness.

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