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Hi All,

I am looking at buying a new telescope. I have no experience with astronomy at all, so I am very unsure of what to buy. The 2 I am looking at at the moment are the Meade ETX-80 AT and the Meade ETX-90 EC. I know there is a big price difference between the 2 but I don't know why. Can someone explain?

I am looking for a telescope that I can attach a SLR camera to, plus a GOTO function is essential. I am particulary interested in looking at the planets etc, and anything else of interest really!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Brain,

Depends on your Budget really and what you want to photograpth as the ETX 90 and ETX80 scopes will only allow tracking of the planets and Moon to be photographed properly. If you can up the budget an LX90(8") maybe a good choice and will allow for deep space imaging aswell as the solar system.

The differance between the two scopes you mention is very little IMHO but the ETX90 is better due to more light gathering power which is whats needed really for Photos or Observing the night sky.


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The ETX80 is a short-tube refractor that excels at low-med magnification wide-field views.

The ETX90 is a long focal length (higher magnification) Maksutov Catadioptric with more contrast, colour correction and resolution - better for planets, lunar and solar (with a suitable filter).

Hope that helps,


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