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It’s all about the build?


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I’ve been interested in astronomy for a very long time, and some years ago was in a position to start acquiring equipment to kick off an interest in astrophotography. Over time I’ve gone from a simple SLR system to a large refractor with CCD camera and filter system, and along the way a large aperture reflector and RC system. I’ve also gone from setting up every evening to building an observatory. Although I now open up the observatory on a clear night, take the subs and process them, I can’t get over the feeling that it’s the process of creating, engineering and getting the kit to work that gave me the greatest satisfaction, rather than creating the finished images. Could be heresy, but I guess it takes all sorts!

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I am thoroughly enjoying the satisfaction of reducing my set up time and having success in getting the various bits of kit to talk to each other and generally behave at the moment.

I really do dislike taking it all down again at the end though.

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