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hi. Using the ASIAIR plus last night and tried to annotate and plate solve. Normally the annotate feature is instant but last night it would not work. Same with plate solving while trying to find my target. Is this caused by bad focus,not enough stars. Very confusing as the previous night all was perfect. 

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Did you manage to save any of the previews or take any photos? Haven't tried it myself but I think you can annotate after capture, did you try this to see if it worked? Plate solving should work if there are enough stars visible and in focus, the only time it's failed for me is if the view is obstructed by physical objects or bright glow from a nearby light source.

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You can try uploading a photo to astrometry.net to see if that can solve your image, this will at least eliminate the images you've taken being the issue. You could also do the opposite and load an image onto your asiair that you know plate solves fine elsewhere to see if the asiair can do it.

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