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A tip for reducing star sizes in Affinity Photo

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Obviously there are loads of way, but here's one I found works quite well:

- get your star mask layer as a seperate layer (starnet2, starXterminator, etc) and compose this as you would usually - as an 'add' layer on top of your starless image.

duplicate this.

Now, make only the star layer visible

do a filter, frequency seperation and adjust so that only the centre brightest part of the star is in the high frequency layer - zoom in here so you get it right

Now you can bin the low frequency.

Now, change the blend mode of this layer to add.

Now with the high frequency, do a curves adjustment to make the background black, and the star centres nearly fully white. (i.e. S curve) - try using a contrast adjustment if not very good with curves.

turn your old star layer back on, and you can now flip between them and adjust until happy. You should find that you can nearly half your star sizes while still keeping them graduated and clean.



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Just now, powerlord said:

oh, sorry. maybe I should do a few tutorial videos. not that much out there, so could be useful to others.

I would find that extremely helpfulโ€ฆI did watch one on YouTube, but the guy spoke so quick, and also moved around the screen so quick I could not follow itโ€ฆ.๐Ÿ˜‚

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haha. try changing playback speed ? I do that with most american ones, but speeding them up 2x!

But Im typically the opposite watching tutorials.. screaming at the screen - get on with it!!, etc

I was thinking of doing a real time processing tutorial sort of thing - slow down or pause at yer lesiure, but this is real time kind of thing ? As I'm always surprised when folk say they've spend all weekend processing, etc - if I remove time waiting for the PC to do stuff it probably takes me an hour tops to process my subs into a final image. But I imagine not being a pixel peeper helps I dunno. I imagine the hobby has more than it's fair share of OCD endowed practitioners!ย ๐Ÿ˜…

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