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Flame/Horsehead Nebula Alnitak Star Issue

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I'm having a real problem removing or getting around a multicoloured artifact left behind by Starnet++ V2 (worse if I use V1) when it removes the bright star Alnitak.  I've attached a partly stretched image straight out of Starnet++   I've tried stretching both less and more prior to star removal but makes no difference.

If anyone has any ideas how to stop this happening or process out before processing the image properly it'll VERY much appreciated.

Taken using a RisingCam IMX571 OSC camera attached to a Sky Watcher Esprit 120ED APO.  Stacked through Deep Sky Stacker and processed with GIMP, Starnet++ version 2 and Adobe Lightroom.

Clear skies!

Levels Only Stretch Without Stars.jpeg

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If you have the ability, it may be worth while uploading your data to an online storage area (google drive / drop box)  so others can try and replicate the issue, or provide you with an alternative solution to the workflow you use

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