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Eight easy pieces


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Spoilt by a few clear nights, and the prospect of a few more, I spent last night collimating and testing my new (well, used, bought here) ASI294-MM attached to my 9.25" Hyperstar.  I normally use this for EEVA, but the targets I used last night were not really my usual tiny galaxies, but much more familiar larger ones plus some globulars.  All done to test detail and reolution.

All the shots are stacks of 10 minutes or less, each with 30 second frames.  This left lots of time for tinkering, but also ended up with a fair number of images more suitable, perhaps, for this forum than the EEVA one, since I'll attach no detailed commentary for what are, after,all, verywell-known objects for the most part.  You can see why I re-took M106 again, later in the evening!

I just think it's amazing what can be done with a short imaging time and a cooled CMOS camera these days...

Hope this eclectic mix is not inappropriate for this Deep Sky imaging section.



1608975950_Messier10622Mar22_19_59_11.thumb.jpg.e64e89874e721a6c86caa0c02be4d1ad.jpg  613552629_Messier10622Mar22_23_02_03.thumb.jpg.643312c3b37908289524004bcde3a049.jpg


75093826_Messier5122Mar22_22_24_25.thumb.jpg.6ebfb8798e24124c306f3bd14329d423.jpg  1835688542_Messier10122Mar22_20_39_05.thumb.jpg.07cfef17ed135d817ac52e1b53348b11.jpg


677397141_NGC307922Mar22_21_20_28.thumb.jpg.5cbe0360dd1e5012f30c6e6766a6d696.jpg  1734176832_NGC590722Mar22_20_59_17.thumb.jpg.6d4996b54ef747deefb4965743505d9f.jpg



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