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15x70, 20x80, thoughts?

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Some months back the wife bought a kit from Orion that was their 20x80 binos and a tripod.  The binos give a nice clean image and I have no issues with them at all.  The tripod that came with them is far better then what I had anticipated and hold the binoculars very nicely.  Now this kit cost 300 USD, but it is worth every penny and the binos themselves are probably a must buy for the price.  I am sure FLO offers something that is comparable.

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I use a manfrotto camera tripod, with an extension tube on top to hold the 20*80s. Great views of dsos ...I'm sure that more expensive binos will give better views, but I think the skymasters are great (on my second pair)



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Hi I have various binoculars but the favourite are the Celestron 15x70 pro mounted on a Manfrotto NAT mount which has a centre extension tube fitted .

These binoculars come with a very good mounting bracket with can carry a red dot finder I remove the handle when in use the tripod head is a fluid one which is great to use and very rigid



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For all of my binocular needs, I go to Strathspey binoculars. I have 10X50 and 20X90. 

Quality bins. 

I mount the 20X90 on a Ravelli ball head pistol grip tripod and mount, which I bought for the low low price of £60 a few yrs ago, from Telescope House.

Not my images. I dragged these from Internet.



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Hi, I have two pairs of binoculars for astronomy. The first one being a pair of Opticron 15x70 and the second ones being Pentax 20x60. I have them on a pistol grip tripod and mount. They are both good for DSO’s but the Pentax stand head and shoulders above the Opticron for clarity and contrast. Good luck with your search 

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