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Daves Rotating Shed


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Hi Folks

Some pictures of the build of my observatory. It is based on Alan Heaths as described in the Patrick Moore Observatory books.

It works fine and is big enough for a PC and to store things in. It has a wi fi link to my house which is about 75m away. An extractor fan on a thermostat acts as a heat pump and keeps it cool in summer, and a small oil radiator on a thermostat keeps it tolerable for the electronics and optics in winter when not opened for use. With experience I would do some things differently but in general am really happy with it.







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That's a hell of a fine construction Dave. My compliments to you.

It is a very sturdy build too, with a nice variation on a rotational dome. I can't quite see how the scope is exposed to the sky though. There must be a roof section that hinges open and shut I guess.

Anyway, tis. a fine piece of work.


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Its easier to attach a picture than describe. The opening on both sides is overkill and never needed in practice, the door gets a fair bit of use as an imaging aperture through the open door to the enclosure usually at Orion in Dec Jan.

I considered using a commercially available shed but didn't theink they were robust enough. Alll the weight keeps it on the tracks in any case!




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Well, It's a fine job all round.

The access to equipment is an advantage when taking on a project, I agree. Having to find small engineering company's, to do fabrication, bending, rolling, even welding, can push the final bill up substantially. Of course they run a business, not a charity.

Wood is a superb medium to work with, if nothing else is needed.:)


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That's a very sturdy looking structure Dave, and quite an innovative approach to making it rotate.

Interesting to see that you are installing an extractor fan system, to control excess heat build up inside the obsy.

Believe me, it can get surprisingly hot, and hence I installed two extractor fans. One in the rotating turret (in the gable end when it was a RoR arrangement), and another in the warmroom.

Both are controlled by a wall mounted thermostat, which activates the fans when the inside temp, reaches 27C.

This system has been in use for a few years now, and has done a great job in protecting the equipment from excessive temperartures.

Prior to installing the fans, the temp in the obsy would often reach 40+ degrees in summer.

Keep the piccys coming!!


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