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Clavius and Registax 5

Trevor N

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I think I've managed to pull out a bit more detail from a recent image but just like V4 I get some odd (almost crazy paving type)artifacts in the image . Does anyone know how to avoid this when using multipoint ?

The image was taken through an ed120 using an imaging source DMK, Regards , Trevor


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Thanks Ron . It seems when I use multipoint the different sections don't always line up perfectly. I just wondered if anyone else has noticed it when they have used the program. I agree though, there is a tendancy to get more and more "picky" as you progress. I would have been over the moon (very bad pun) with these a few years ago but it seems you always want to push it further.

Regards , Trevor

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Hello Trevor I have the solution to your problem if you tick the feathering option of 5 pixels either optimise or stack tabs the lines should go. If your still getting lines your align points may need altering or remove offending align point if feathering does not satisfy. HTH JohnH.

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