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Height adjustable feet for Dobs and mounts?

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Hi folks, 
I was wondering, does anyone know of any good products or solutions for placing a dob mount onto and then adjust to give you a level surface? 

Most of the observing sites I use all have a slight slant and what I've been doing for ages is bring some squares of wood that I place under each foot of the base and then move around until I find fairly level ground. The GOTO on my 350P Flextube does work great when properly level and the DSC system on my Taurus 16" appears to loose accuracy fast if not level. 

I was hoping there were some kind of plates or shoes you could place under each foot of a base and then twist to adjust height but have had no luck in finding anything. 

I am also going to be investing in an tracking platform for the 16", later in the year, and it will be even more so important to have that level. 


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I made a 3 legged base for my 150mm Dob. The legs were about 250mm long. I drilled a hole through each leg and then glued a 8mm nut at the top and bottom of each leg. I used 300mm long 8mm threaded rod to provide adjustable length for each leg. Above the top of the leg the threaded rod has a handwheel to screw the rod up/down.

Drilling a straight hole through the legs was difficult.

The base works well and the materials were cheap.

3 legged base.jpg

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Hi there,

Missed this thread first time around.  I have used these adjustable furniture feet. You can either drill holes in the base of the dob and mount them directly or attach them to  a plywood platform.

This is where I got them:



Screenshot 2022-04-03 at 21.03.18.png

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