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Run for the hills ? - Can someone identify this for me please ?


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Can anyone help me identify this object please ?

I have an intruder in my M1 subs and tried looking it up in Stellarium and other places  and my knowledge / skills / googlefu are lacking.

Object is streaking now towards  M1 @21:15 GMT on 18th March 2022

Here you can see the streak in 1 hours worth of 3min subs

Also attached is a single sub with the object identified by an arrow.

It is a big boy and pretty sure not a satellite as it has only move this much in 1 hour

Suppose now is not the time to write it in an envelope and drive on the mountain roads :)

Thank you



M1 Mystery Object.jpg

M1 Mystery Object 2.jpg

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  • Catanonia changed the title to Run for the hills ? - Can someone identify this for me please ?
2 minutes ago, Catanonia said:

Need to check again, thank you :)

it's a while since I did it, but I think you have to down load the minor planet data,  in the solar system editor in plug-in, but I use very old version of Stellarium (18.2) and it may be different in more recent ones.

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